[April 2013 organizational change]
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Laboratory for Genotyping Development

Michiaki Kubo (MD, PhD)Laboratory Head

Michiaki Kubo (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Biomarker Development

Hideaki NakagawaLaboratory Head

Hidewaki Nakagawa (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Statistical Analysis

Atsushi TakahashiLaboratory Head

Atsushi Takahashi (PhD)

Laboratory for Medical Informatics

Tatsuhiko TsunodaLaboratory Head

Tatsuhiko Tsunoda
(Ph.D (Medicine) & Ph.D (Engineering))

Laboratory for Pharmacogenetics

Taisei MushirodaLaboratory Head

Taisei Mushiroda (PhD in Pharmaceutical Science)

Laboratory for International Alliance

Ming Ta Michael LEELaboratory Head

Ming Ta Michael LEE (Ph.D.)

Laboratory for Cardiovascular Diseases

Toshihiro TanakaLaboratory Head

Toshihiro Tanaka (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Autoimmune Diseases

Kazuhiko YamamotoLaboratory Head

Kazuhiko Yamamoto (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Bone and Joint Diseases

Shiro IkegawaLaboratory Head

Shiro Ikegawa (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Respiratory Diseases

Mayumi TamariLaboratory Head

Mayumi Tamari (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Endocrinology and Metabolism

Shiro MaedaLaboratory Head

Shiro Maeda (MD, PhD)

Laboratory for Digestive Diseases

Kazuaki ChayamaLaboratory Head

Kazuaki Chayama (MD, PhD)